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In my view, different lend themselves to a morphological definition, a phenotypic definition, or some combination thereof.

This liminal situation interacts with halakhic categories in such a way as to make a number of or separate seating. Although the rabbinic literature does not discuss people who are phenotypically one way and morphologically the other way, it does discuss some types of intersex people, like hermaphrodites (אנדרוגינוס) or people with ambiguous genitalia (טומטום), as well as men who have been castrated or whose penises have been cut off/destroyed.INTRODUCTION – THE COMPLEX NATURE OF GENDER One of the most stable identity markers for most people is their gender.We live in a world that divides itself neatly into categories of “male” and “female.” This is true of our language, our bathrooms, our sports teams, etc.This operation, which changes a person’s morphological sex, is available for all morphological sexes (male, female, and intersex), although the surgery is simpler for patients born morphologically male than for those born morphologically female.Male-to Female: The Prohibition of סירוס (Castration) For morphologically male patients who opt for sex reassignment surgery and wish to become morphologically female, the most obvious halakhic concern is the prohibition of סירוס, castration. , “You shall not offer to the Lord anything [with its testes] bruised or crushed or torn or cut.

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