Online dating site banned for ip users in america

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In this environment, you can say whatever you want to whomever you want with small consequences.Some of the behavior I saw was so messed up that I wish those people would have faced a bigger penalty than just a banned account.It seemed innocent enough, but when I scrolled down in the report to the profile picture, I realized that this man was an acquaintance of mine — an acquaintance I had almost hooked up with once.As I scrolled further down in his messages, I found that he became abusive and aggressive toward a woman who had initially entertained the idea, and then turned him down.When I began working as a moderator for a popular online dating website in 2013, I was excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at how perfect strangers meet.I had no idea that the year I would spend patrolling dating profiles and private messages would ultimately reveal a darker side of online dating.

I took pride in my job, keeping the dating site a safe space, and here people were being scammed heartbroken.

” (Thanks to social media, people are finally aware of how often this really happens.)While the majority of cases I reviewed tended to be scammers and abuse-related reports, I’d also see people using the site to promote escort services and prostitution.

It was difficult for me to ban these accounts, mostly because I believe that all sex work ought to be legalized.

I immediately banned him and decided that was enough work for that day.

This job was becoming more of a mind fuck by the minute.

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Strangely enough, I haven’t lost faith in online dating.

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