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Online dating sires

Therefore, I recommend looking for sires that are turned out with a real cowherd.If a bull is not a tireless and efficient breeder, especially at a young age, hormonal status is likely subpar.

A sire catalog will tell you nothing about the following traits, all of which must be part of your selection criteria if you ever want to breed up from “average” cattle to “excellent” cattle.Endocrine function is the root of every economically important trait in livestock, including but not limited to feed efficiency, disease resistance and fertility.According to Gearld Fry and James Drayson, visually observable haircoat and testicle characteristics reveal all you need to know about a bull’s hormonal status.If you want to be a leading seedstock producer or create significant improvement in your herd, attention to every detail is imperative.Research how an AI sire lives and works in the real world before you commit to him.

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Check for correct pastern angle, toe shape, size and symmetry, long and wide stride, full range of joint motion, and any evidence of injury.