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He is known to have one of the best voices in Johnny's Entertainment.Ohno is also arguably the best dancer in Arashi and one of the bests in Johnny & Associates.

Johnny Kitagawa himself said to Ohno "You have good rhythm!In latest issue of FRIDAY, there are photos of Arashi’s leader Ohno and someone who seems to be his lover “A” as they left a bedrock bath for his home.‘A’ is 170cm tall, pretty, 24years old and used to be an actress.Over the 20 years since the group formed, Arashi have left dozens of multi-million hits, won multiple awards and forever stole the hearts of millions of fans in Japan and abroad.Over the span of their career, Arashi’s members have also appeared in a number of TV dramas, movies, commercials, have hosted their own variety shows on TV, done radio shows, news programs and acted as the main hosts for some of Japan’s most watched live events.

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Fans across the globe stayed glued to their TV screens this January 27 when news about Japan’s top all-male pop idol group Arashi’s decision to suspend their activities on December 31, 2020 made international headlines.

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