No dating sabbatical biblical

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No dating sabbatical biblical

If Jesus implied that the Jews should have known when he was coming, then there must have been a way to count the years from the time of the decree by Cyrus until Jesus was to be “cut off”, at the end of the 69 weeks of years (483 years).The Jews should have known from Daniel when their Messiah was coming.

First, he divided the first 69 Weeks into a period of 7 Weeks and 62 Weeks (Daniel ), until the Messiah is .

Tim Warner gives the following description of the beginning of the 70-Week chronology, starting with the decree by Cyrus: “The 70-weeks prophecy of Daniel begins on the . The first Jubilee cycle consisted of the first [(7 x 7 years = 49 years) . Adding the remaining which the Messiah would be cut off.” Jewish leaders at the time of Jesus should been able to approximate the time of the Messiah’s coming from Daniel’s prophecy.

They should have been able to figure from the 70 Weeks prophecy that 69 Weeks (483 years) for Jesus.

Unfortunately, the Jews were not looking for this sign from Daniel.

To correctly interpret the future time frame of the 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel, we need to know the nature of the (and that these prophesied years were probably 360 day prophetic years of twelve 30 day months, as with Noah – see Genesis ,24; 8:3,4), because the part of this prophecy which deals with the time frame in which the Messiah would come and be (killed) was fulfilled with the crucifixion in AD 30.

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Jesus, who was born a Jew and remained devout Jew during his life and ministry on earth, was careful to observe specific days on the Hebrew calendar as taught in Scripture. Martin, like Wacholder, holds to a 49-year cycle of Jubilee Years, something which I agree with, as I have previously stated.