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If you aren’t totally comfortable with that, try different approaches: Start with less disclosure, see how that goes, and then increase what you share.”—Eric Kim, senior product manager at Ok Cupid“Everyone is misleading on dating sites, because everyone shares only the good things about themselves and none of the messier stuff.I imagine your real fear is that you’ll be judged for having no experience.I felt like a fraud until I realized I had just as much right to be in the LGBTQ space as someone who’s been out longer—and you do too.

I'd like to try dating women after only ever dating men.Bumble BFFs can filter for drinking, smoking, exercise and pets, too, as well as type of friendship, relationship status, whether they have kids or if they’re new to the area.And Bumble Bizz users can filter by industry, networking relationship type, education and years of experience.Whether they read that in your profile or hear about it on your first or second date (which is a fine time to bring it up), what matters is how you feel about it.My daughter is in college and has been dating someone who has never had a girl friend.

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Don’t put the perceived needs of the invisible person looking at your profile before your own.

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