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He went to see Sakura because Shikamaru and Sai said she was really bad.

When he was with her she said, "So you finally noticed", or something like that.

Even though the seal is weak, it still needs enough force/level of rage for Naruto to transform. Does that mean the relationship between Naruto and Hinata is forced in the movie? And so about Hinata, does that mean that I also…” Naruto blushed involuntarily and for an instant, he looked at Hinata. Remember, Naruto kept repeating Hinata’s name, before Sakura said he finally got it) When/how did Naruto fall for Hinata? It actually supported our theory before: Naruto had feelings for Hinata all along.

The situation clearly shows that Naruto have strong connection (love) for Hinata. No, he’s not talking about Hinata’s feelings, he's talking about Naruto's. Clearly, the trap does not forced Naruto to love Hinata. Naruto didn't fall in love with Hinata in the movie, he was actually already in love with her. He always thought that loving ramen and loving a person was the same thing, so he never really thought much about it.

After seeing all that, Sakura is able to break the Genjutsu on him and he is able to wake up.

After that, they continue to look for Hinata's sister.

After he woke up Sai and Shikamaru told him that Sakura was all awake day and night trying to bring him back and that he was saying Hinata's name over and over.When the credits are on we see that they got married, then after that, there is a short scene that shows her knitting a scarf and his training outside in the snow.A couple of seconds later their two kids are shown, then they all start a snow fight.490) Remember, when Gaara died, he just turned 2 tails. Actually, this is elaborated in the last light novel. No, I don’t think those are just ordinary memories. Unless, you also have feelings for him/her all along. Why do you thing Sakura encourage Hinata in the first place. (as what Ugamy Rain said before) While Naruto was unconscious and Sakura’s healing him.. Blockhead” (cause Naruto repeatedly said “Hinata”) This only means one thing: Sakura knew that Naruto loved Hinata all along.When Jiraiya and Kakashi died, he did not even transform. “Maybe he transformed because of the shock that his friend attacked right in front of him” or “the seal is weakening” Hinata triggered the worst feelings that Naruto ever felt. Because Naruto did not fall for Hinata in the movie. Remember, he did not know the meaning of loving someone until the Genjutsu trap. Thanks animecontinuum for the translation: “So if that is a Genjutsu… It’s more like my dreams and memories were mixed together. Sakura’s statement not only meant that Naruto finally understands Hinata’s feelings. (Actually, the latter is more appropriate because of the context of the scene. Conclusion: the movie does not contradict the manga.

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