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She makes the lines clear, the coloring is improvised, the expressions and the anatomy are much better (sometimes I find Hanmi's shoulders way too broad) and her artstyle is refreshing.

The characters, Hanmi, basically can beat anyone up, and doesn't give a damn which is hilarious.

Lee Gun (Crush) is an adorable dork with a naive demeanor that usually compares to a puppy. Enjoyment: The beginning hooked me on & there was a lot of comedy between these three characters.

There are other characters but the story is mostly about these three. There is hardly any extra finger, weird positions drawn or knees too bent (In fact, I haven't seen one yet). Then suddenly it became serious & the story left you begging for updates.

Due to an unpleasant accident, the two cousin-but-live-together-like-siblings Hanmi and Junhyuk had to transfer to another high school right at the beginning of 2nd term.

They childishly agreed to keep their relationship a secret and started a completely new life.

And since the siblings are so so popular at school, their fake relationship became the topic of every gossip and rumor. He is a psycho and willing to to everything to get Hanmi back to him, including destroying all the people she loves. Will she choose Gun, Seong Hwa or her secret brother Jun Hyuk?

======== Overall, I like everything about this stories.

These two step-siblings often mess around with each other, but they'll try to not be involve in each other's problems, letting the siblings find a solution for himself/herself.There are some characters who you can tell have really changed throughout the whole series. In my opinion, this is a great manhwa to catch up to and help you procrastinate.Something about the story just draws you in, naturally. Good plot, well-designed characters, hilarious scenes and impressive art. To get the attention of the boy she fell in love with at first sight, she lies about going out with her brother, the story of this dynamite sibling's school life.(Source: Batoto) Hanmai told a lie on the first day of her new school to get notice by her crush, Lee Gun.

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Overall: I really am just on my computer everyday hoping for an update. I rarely write reviews, but since this manhwa doesn't seem to have one I'll put in my opinion hoping that it'll become a popular manhwa to viewers that it should & deserves.

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