Muslim women dating non muslim women

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Muslim women dating non muslim women

Rights groups have stepped in to demand an end to such obstruction by notaries.

The justice ministry should take "strong action against those who do not apply the law", the Tunisian association for the rights of minorities said in a statement.

– GFIC) were overjoyed over President Essebsi's decision.

The group's Muslim-Christian couples, whether in love or already married, parents or grandparents, could hardly find enough words to respond to the Tunisian government's decision to allow Tunisian (Muslim) women to marry foreign (non-Muslim) men.

"I've contacted many notaries and they've all refused to marry me because my partner is a non-Muslim.

Manel, who is also Tunisian and about to marry Florent, observes: "This is only the beginning of a long process.

Despite changes in legislation now allowing Tunisian Muslim women to marry their non-Muslim partners, many are still reporting difficulties when attempting to tie the knot.

In some cases, this is because they are unable to find a local notary who will marry them unless their partner converts to Islam.

A ban on marriage between a Muslim woman and non-Muslim man, unless he converts, is common in Arab countries.

In Tunisia, however, such laws were scrapped in September last year."I never imagined that marrying a non-Muslim could be so complicated," 40-year-old Zeineb, who is looking to marry her Italian fiance Sergio, told in her northern city of Hammamet.

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He is delighted that "the civil registrar will have to one day recognize" their marriage, even though that day may be a long way off.