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Mormon beliefs about dating

This is also a belief held by creationist scientists.

Those who believe in a younger planet earth point to examples from the Mount Saint Helens eruption and carbon dating inconsistencies.

(6)At TSW, we’ve always covered the topic of unusual beliefs, and try to explore them from the mindset of someone that lives outside of the perspective of anyone inside of the community that believes in those things.

The reason for this is that it’s the only way to be able to see the forest for the trees.

The Earth is 7,000 Years Old While there has been no official statement made by the LDS church stating the age of the planet, many Mormons believe that planet earth is thousands of years old as opposed to the billions of years that is widely accepted by the world of science.Other scientists theorize that the earth is millions of years old.Dinosaur Bones Came from Other Planets The LDS Church Institute teaches that fossilized dinosaur bones came from other creatures living on other planets that were destroyed when Earth was created.Multiple Heavens Talking about heaven, whilst Christianity believes that there is only heaven, the Mormon beliefs include three heavens that are hierarchical based on how good you were as a human being.Children Should Not Play with Friends on Sunday In a speech made in St.

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(5) Of course, not all Mormons believe or even know about these hidden elements.