Mmf adult chat rithvik dhanjani and asha negi dating in real life

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Mmf adult chat

Seizing the moment I plunge my own cock into her mouth and start to pump her.

She mumbles a complaint, but I am too carried away and continue to slide in and out allowing her saliva to lubricate my 6 1/2 inches.

As K is definitely trying to say something she closes her mouth slightly, causing her teeth to rake down my blood engorged cock, I jump in surprise and pop out of her mouth.

She immediately tells D to NOT stop pumping her cunt. I move back a little and grab each breast with a little too much force, K groans as I ram my cock between them.

Which causes K to now push her buttocks back into D's groin and sway her hips in rhythm.

This means I now need to reposition my self and I reach up to undo the zip of K's skirt.

K starts to squirm and then yells out for us to call her names. D's pelvis is slapping against K's and his balls are making a smack smack sound as they pound against K's arse.I lick up as much as I can as K rolls over and collapses on her back.Her face sprayed with D's seed and her cunt moist and ready for another attack.K gets me to straddle her face with my cock just above her lips.She is just about to open them and start to suck me in when D pushes forward and causes her to let out a little "Oh." of surprise.

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K is standing there in her short cotton skirt with long tanned legs.