Minnesota laws for dating r simon and paula dating

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Minnesota laws for dating

While those industries remain important, the state's economy is now driven by banking, computers, and health care.The earliest known settlers followed herds of large game to the region during the last glacial period.Around 5000 BC, people on the shores of Lake Superior (in Minnesota and portions of what is now Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada) were the first on the continent to begin making metal tools.Pieces of ore with high concentrations of copper were initially pounded into a rough shape, heated to reduce brittleness, pounded again to refine the shape, and reheated.Europeans moving west during the 19th century, drove out most of the Native Americans.Fort Snelling, built to protect United States territorial interests, brought early settlers to the area.

state of Minnesota is shaped by its original Native American residents, European exploration and settlement, and the emergence of industries made possible by the state's natural resources.The Great Depression brought layoffs in mining and tension in labor relations but New Deal programs helped the state.After World War II, Minnesota became known for technology, fueled by early computer companies Sperry Rand, Control Data and Cray.Within a few hundred years, the Mississippian culture reached into the southeast portion of the state, and large villages were formed.The Dakota Native American culture may have descended from some of the peoples of the Mississippian culture.

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Edges could be made sharp enough to be useful as knives or spear points.

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