Midsummer seve dating

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Midsummer seve dating

The event started in the early evening when the garden is normally closed.So, you got to view (and photograph) the gardens when the sun and light are low, which is the loveliest time.Six years ago I went with some friends to a “Midsummer’s Eve” event at Old Westbury Gardens.I’d had no expectations of what this would be…and I was charmed.This was how the people of Europe came to celebrate Old Midsummers Eve on July 4th (eleven days after June 23).

In the British Isles, Midsummer Eve, the evening before the Christian Feast of St John the Baptist, was celebrated on 24th of June.

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style Debbie of https:// Darlene of https://aquamarinastyle.com/ Sonja of https:// Anna of https:// Emma of And now for this month’s theme: Midsummer’s Eve Until a few years ago I really never knew anything about Midsummer’s Eve.

It’s not an American holiday and other than Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream,” I’d not really heard the term used.

One of us chooses a theme each month, and that can be anything: a book, music, a color, a movie.

And then we all style an outfit based on that theme.

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The new date of July 4th was actually the old June 23rd.

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