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It is a kind of dice game of unknown antiquity, undoubtedly of pre-Columbian origin.

It is played upon a circular wooden dish, properly rock maple, almost exactly a foot in diameter, hollowed to a depth of about three-fourths of an inch at its center.

The Bay d’Espoir is a long inlet of the sea, extending up country over a score of miles.

The district is hilly, and is covered by a forest of rather small trees, spruce and birch, but further inland the hills are generally bare.

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Alternative names for the Micmac, which can be found in historical sources, include Gaspesians, Souriquois, Acadians and Tarrantines; in the mid-19th century Silas Rand recorded the word An important Algonquian tribe that occupied Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Islands, the north part of New Brunswick, and probably points in south and west Newfoundland.

The other six were Pictou, Memramcook, Restigouche, Eskegawaage, Shubenacadie, and Annapolis.

The first three of these formed a group known as Sigunikt; the other three formed another group known as Kespoogwit.

In the early wars on the New England frontier the Cape Sable Micmac were especially noted.The direction in which the stick leans from its base upward indicates that in which the party moved, and thus serves as a convenient hint to those who follow to keep off their hunting grounds.A game much in use within the wigwams of the Micmacs in former times is that called by some writers .In 1760 the Micmac bands or villages were given as Le Have, Miramichi Tabogimkik, Pohomoosh, Gediak (Shediac), Pictou, Kashpugowitk (Kespoogwit), Chignecto, Isle of St Johns, Nalkitgoniash, Cape Breton, Minas, Chigabennakadik (Shubenacadie), Keshpugowitk (Kespoogwit, duplicated), and Rishebouctou (Richibucto).The Gaspesians are a band of Micmac differing somewhat in dialect front the rest of the tribe.

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