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Meaningful relationship dating psychology

Each of these relationships led me one step closer to figuring out how to discover, approach, and engage the next relationship which ultimately taught me how to find, engage, and finally marry my ultimate marriage partner; my beautiful and loving wife Rose.Over the next 74 chapters this book will teach you how to use these same experiences as building blocks for making all of your relationships more meaningful and special.The door slam happens when the INFJ’s patience has been entirely expended, leading them to cut someone out of their life when they believe the relationship is beyond repair. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching others and striking up conversations, taking an extroverted friend or partner with you to social events can help you push yourself to find the connections you desire.Or, you can draw on your auxiliary function, Extroverted Feeling, and “play the extrovert” for a time.The INFJ tends to be a type of few words, and that’s okay.However, this tendency of ours can backfire when we assume that others understand our nonverbal cues and see into our hearts and minds as readily as we see into theirs.

Yet I shy away from group gatherings and of course, the ever-dreaded small talk.(What’s your personality type?Enter our tendency to be reserved — coupled with our desire for authenticity — and we get stuck in a cycle where the relationship can’t advance.We don’t share much of ourselves if we don’t consider someone to be in our inner circle, yet we find small talk and surface-level conversation to be draining and insincere. INFJs read people like open books, noticing every facial expression, dart of the eye, and even the things that are left unsaid.This desire can be so strong that we often bottle things up, sweep them under the rug, or internalize our negative feelings when something bothers us.As introverts, we find safety in retreating into our mind.

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These reasons aren’t exclusive to the INFJ personality type, but I believe INFJs (and other sensitive introvert types) will especially relate. As natural people-pleasers, we never want to make anyone feel “put out” and will go to great lengths to ensure this doesn’t happen. Since the INFJ is very intuitive, observing others’ nonverbal cues and habits allows us to better understand what makes them tick before we approach them.