Loveair dating airline workers

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Loveair dating airline workers

Recently started dating a guy who was my first love in high school and is now a commercial airline pilot.

I looked him up on the FAA Airmen Registry and he's legit so idk if I may have gotten something wrong?These are his ratings: AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT AIRPLANE MULTIENGINE LAND COMMERCIAL PRIVILEGES AIRPLANE SINGLE ENGINE LAND I just want to understand exactly what that means? I know he’s playing you due to the type rating of CL65 and duration of silence.Hopefully he just works for Mesa and is ashamed rather than living another life somewhere. I’m going to add to the voices as I didn’t see a particular piece of critical evidence. Southwest, as most airlines, charter, and cargo carriers (including international) negotiate with the hotels to provide free internet to the pilots.Again, fairly new to this and would want real advice about what it means dating someone who is a pilot and tips to make it work or for me to understand.I love him a lot and would never ask him to leave his job since it's been his dream to be a pilot since he was little but I do want to be a part of his life.

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Third, some of you think I shouldn't give him the time of day and even confront him because it's very obvious that he's lying and hiding things from me since his lack of reaching out and what he has told me seems fishy.

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