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Step 3: Find USB settings app The apps are listed alphabetically. Tap USB settings to open the App info page for this app. You will get a warning message after tapping clear data as shown below. But the charger probably should never cause the issue.Step 4: Clear cache and clear data for USB settings As shown above, in the app info page, tap Storage. Anyway, it is worthwhile to try another or a new USB Type-C cable.#5.But water, especially seawater or swimming pool water may cause considerable corrosion if you do not rinse and dry the port timely.No, the message simply alerts you that moisture was detected in the charging (USB) port.If you Galaxy S8 or S8 was in contact with water, the USB port (multipurpose USB Type C port) in the bottom (see Galaxy S8 and S8 layout) may be wetted.Samsung equipped Galaxy S8 and S8 with a humidity/moisture sensor to detect moisture buildup in the charging port.

So, a few owners of Galaxy S8 and S8 may get the moisture problem even if the phone was not in touch with water.After rinsing the charging port, if possible, you can use a hairdryer to dry it.First, the moisture sensor in some Galaxy S8 or S8 may be oversensitive.Some corrosion or even dirt may be detected as moisture.If this is the case, you can use clean wipes, or tissue, to clean the port.

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Apparently, Galaxy S8 or S8 will not warn you for any water damages inside the sealed part.