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The new portal named better Date is launched with the slogan “Einfach bessere Dates” (“Simply better dates”) and is supposed to reach the broad public through a TV campaign.

Detailed and manually verified profiles, diverse search facilities and easily applicable contact functions form the core of better Date.

This will be different from now on.”Moreover, better Date is expected to become the company’s innovative platform, which then could be used to intensify the presence in social networks and on mobile devices.

However, e Darling’s proven concepts remain and will also be implemented at better Date: real profiles, thorough customer support and a strong claim to data protection and safety.

Probiere Bondage-Fetische wie Haar-Fetisch oder Nylon-Fetisch. Dies sind nur einige wenige der BDSM Fetische, die unsere Mitglieder genießen.

Egal ob Bondage neu für dich ist oder du ein Amateur bist, es gibt so viele Arten von Bondage zu erleben.

“So far, we weren’t able to offer an appropriate service to the latter group.

Bei so vielen BDSM-Seiten, übernimmt ALT mit fast ZWEI Millionen Mitgliedern die Führung.

Chatte online mit Mitgliedern, sieh Videos, Webcams und starte zu Daten!

Thereby, the portal addresses those singles willing to take care of their search themselves.

“At better Date, we paid special attention to functions concerning completion and maintenance of one’s own profile as well as to those functions making browsing other profiles more fun,” says Sabine Würkner, head of the project.

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Berlin, 9 June 2011 – It took the Affinitas Gmb H, based in Berlin, only two years to become one of Europe’s leading online dating enterprises.