Library policy feedback and updating mechanism

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Library policy feedback and updating mechanism

University-wide policy is defined by (a) relevant federal or state law, (b) relevant regulation promulgated pursuant to federal or state law: and (c) delegation or direction of the Board of Trustees (“Board”).

Currently, there are three policy-making authorities at Northern Illinois University: Note: This policy does not address policy making and administration for the University’s Board of Trustees.

In addition, past practice and the nature of the policy can help determine the appropriate policy-making authority.

If a question arises whether a policy falls under the purview and jurisdiction of (a) the Board, (b) the President, or (c) University Council, the University General Counsel and Policy Library Committee will be consulted for advice.

(Note, provisions on local policy development, which do not have university-wide implications, are described later.) Procedures are the steps used to implement policies and describe how policies will be operationalized.

Procedures specify how particular processes should be completed.

In addition, the Board of Trustees, through its governing legislation, delegates authority to establish administrative, educational and academic policies for the University.

As such, all NIU employees and students must abide by University policies.

University policies additionally promote operational efficiencies, reduce institutional risk, and establish requirements for compliance.

A short statement that identifies how potential stakeholders may be affected by a policy’s implementation.

This will include an identification of stakeholders, workload implications, and, if appropriate, suggested processes/sanctions for non-compliance.

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