Lez dating

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I was going out to gay clubs with my friends hoping to meet a girl, but failing desperately every time.I was ready to invite someone into my life, and I knew that I wanted a serious relationship.When I finally opened myself up to all possibilities, I found her.We are firm believers in “when you know, you know”, and I think we both knew quite quickly. And of course our life has taken us in all sorts of directions since we met, and our love has grown and evolved beyond what either of us could have imagined.If she wanted to meet someone new who had similar interests to her, she knew she had to get out and do something different. She found me at the perfect time in her life and I found her at the perfect time in mine.Before meeting Steph I was doing some growing of my own.

Right before we met, she had returned from a three month solo backpacking trip through South America where she’d done a lot of personal growth.She was the first girl I’d dated, so my birthday party became a bit of a coming out party, but all my friends embraced her without question.Soon after, Steph introduced me to her friends and we met each other’s families.I spent days dissecting all of the signs and signals, wondering if she had asked me on a date.I confided in friends and asked their opinions, and was so nervous that I even considered coming up with an excuse as to why I couldn’t go.

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Our group hang had turned into a threesome date, as only one other girl showed up to go to the show.