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But don’t read too much into the fact that several answered “Yes but only other Asian girls.” This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t date a non-Asian girl and my offline conversations pointed out, just that they haven’t yet.

I found it interesting that this chart doesn’t match the girl’s chart about hallyu.

Okay, I know this seems like a silly questions but it actually came from a conversation/debate I had with a Korean-Canadian guy friend about this very topic.

He was trying to convince me that “Western” girls only liked their idealized hallyu version of Korean guys and Korean-Canadians/Korean-Americans didn’t fit that mold, and so they didn’t like them.

Yes, this article was based on a very small sample (and the female respondents were already predisposed to like Korean culture) but there was little way around that unfortunately.

But I realized there was no way, even in a research article to totally take my opinion out of it.

It’s also interesting to note that none of the guys thought that the variety shows had any effect and they thought film had very little effect.

I was able to get some very detailed answers from a Korean-American who brought up some points I’d heard and written about (the influence of Orientalism and the influence of Western media on Western women’s perception of Korean/Asian guys) and some new ones which I will share.

And our follow-up question to see how that attraction translates into real life.

I love how the numbers match up to the question above.

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