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Major Washington cities include Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Olympia, Bellingham and Everett.

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Yakima I-82 at MP 34.7: SR 24 Interchange @ Yakima I-82 at MP 36.5: Valley Mall Blvd Interchange I-82 at MP 37.8: Union Gap I-82 at MP 54: Zillah I-82 at MP 63.6: Outlook I-82 at MP 81.7: Prosser I-82 at MP 96: Benton City I-82 at MP 102.5: I-182 Interchange I-82 at MP 130.5: Plymouth Port of Entry Travels between Everett and Spokane over Stevens Pass via Monroe, Wenatchee, Coulee City and Davenport.Blue Mountain also has plans of having a police officer on duty.The exchange’s new location has caused some controversy because Vista Way has had it’s problems in the past with the homeless.The Kennewick Police Department held a public forum in which many citizens and business owners aired their concerns.Many of the complaints consisted of fears that having a needle exchange close by would drive away business. The program could also open another location as well as extend the hours if the demand is needed.

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Montana, considering it's thin population and size, has a surprisingly large number of web cams. Last Update : 2/14/18 Visit Montana - Official visitors site for the State of Montana. Glacier National Park - Official government site for Glacier Park.

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