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Once upon a time, in a paradise by the golden Pacific, up a quiet private road among the canyons of Carmel, lived three fine people. Tom Ellington-Wills: He was just a really cool, mellow guy. Ran marathons, got involved with the Monterey blues festival.

And they were bright and loved and likeable and accomplished. Tom Ellington-Wills: My mom was a paralegal at a-- at a law firm that was directly next door to his law firm. And he said, "Hey, I've got two tickets to the Santana concert. " And my mom loves Santana, so she really couldn't say no at that point. And they were together since that-- since that date. Tom Ellington-Wills: You know, they truly lived each day. John Kenney went on trial in August 2008 for the murder of the neighbors he had learned to so thoroughly despise.

They planted discarded surfboards, upended to grow like flowers among the odd mismatched sculptures, the signs, the bird houses, those wind chimes… An unbuttoned labor of love, in a way, and influenced, though not always tastefully, by those who's need for mel's legal services was as urgent as their wallets were empty. Keith Morrison: So this is not a straight-laced or-- or-- a strictly ordered guy? Kenney soon fit right in, joined a local church, befriended downhill neighbors, and got involved in local conservation efforts. And when you see-- wild spaces like that, you want to preserve them. Though you can probably tell from her accent that she is not a California girl. And right down to the sorted sizes of the logs for the fireplace, its perfect order. At the end of the road, at the top of the hill, order and chaos were about meet. Every story has a beginning of course, and every war an original cause, and in the case of this story, this war, that would be this bridge, which in the year 2000 was in desperate need of repair. Segolene Kenney: I immediately said to myself that my dad had-- as an honest man, has felt in danger. And then, the heart of Kenney's case: he accused Mel Grimes of charging him with that deadly sledgehammer raised like a battering ram. VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Deadly Trespass (September 1) When a wealthy neighbor begins buying up Montana land and restricting access to the public mountain trails, one man cuts the locks and ends up dead.VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Nightmare Next Door (September 8) A man is gunned down in front of his home in Denver, Colorado, and the shooter is nowhere to be found.VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Murderous Moms (September 22) A front yard brawl between two Euclid, Ohio families leaves one person dead and investigators wondering how teenage heartbreak started it all.VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Lethal Brawl (September 29) A mother who is also a recovering addict is stabbed while standing up to the neighborhood bully.

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VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Fatal Fence Feud (August 11) A giant barricade is erected between property lines in an attempt to resolve bad blood between neighbors, but it doesn’t stop their animosity from escalating out of control and resulting in a brutal murder.