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Internet dating story jewish personals

J., he was raised "vanilla Protestant," as he put it; although he checked the "unaffiliated" box in his profile, he felt that he "should have put ' Christian in hiding.' " But he had dated a Jewish woman for several years, was comfortable with Jewish culture ("I knew more about her holidays than she did"), and felt that Jewish women "hold onto tradition -- that's important." He added that they also "take care of themselves -- they just seem to be more put together."Krissy Kerwin, 31, a self-described lapsed Catholic and a chef in Encino, Calif., said she joined JDate for a month just to locate an old neighbor.

After she was contacted by several interesting men on the site, though, she extended her membership.

"It's so ancient and full of traditions that make sense to me."Another non-Jewish JDate member, Mark (who insisted that his last name not be used, to protect his privacy), was at first reluctant to join the site.

A 48-year-old professional sports coach from Wayne, N.

He had some luck meeting women through Internet dating sites like American, but they were rarely good matches. Coppola is one of a growing number of gentiles who have lately signed on to JDate, which was established in 1997 as a service for bringing Jews together.

Then he found what he now considers an online gold mine -- JDate, a Web site that bills itself as "the largest Jewish singles network."Although he is Catholic by birth and upbringing, Mr. "If a girl walks by in a bar, and I'm attracted to her, it always turns out she's Jewish," he said. The number of non-Jews on the site is difficult to estimate: 50,000 of its 600,000 members identify themselves as religiously "unaffiliated," but they include Jewish members who don't want to identify themselves as "secular" or with any particular sect.

She has just started seeing a 44-year-old Jewish man she met through the site, and is willing to convert if things get serious.

"If I have kids, I would want to raise them Jewish," she said.

Add in some specifics, such as a desire to find someone who shares your Jewish background, and hard can become near impossible.

Indeed, lasting love needs someone you can connect with on every level.

DOMINICK COPPOLA, 22, a real estate salesman from Brooklyn, is looking for a confident, intelligent and open-minded woman who shares his love of walks in the park, sushi and home cooking.

I want to be your shiksa and your partner for life." Ms.

Mercado, 40, said that her late boyfriend had been "a kind soul" and that she believes his Jewish upbringing gave him a good character.

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With our site growing ever more popular, the nation’s Jewish singles are taking the search for love into their own hands and actively making opportunities for themselves.