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She also warns her about 'Dean's Corner' at the rolling ring.

This makes Alex upset with the present Harper, which Harper responds by being upset with her (although she seems mostly confused as to why).

The two fall out, and so Alex shrinks Zeke and Justin to create her own puppet show.

This initially upsets Harper, as she's been upstaged by Alex, but Alex tells her that she's earned enough money to move into an apartment and wouldn't want to move out without Harper.

She is highly competitive and doesn't take losing competitions well, as seen when Alex uses the enchanted pants to make herself smarter than her.

Harper supports Alex when Gigi exposes her magical diary secrets, although she doesn't approve of her crush on Dean because she doesn't like his reputation, as well as questions his age due to his facial hair.

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She would get jealous of every girl that he dated/had a crush on.

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