How to run msn messenger without updating speed dating zanesville ohio

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How to run msn messenger without updating

Much like the forced upgrade from MSN Hotmail to MSN Live Hotmail there's no alternative; you must upgrade. But I'm not at all surprised that Microsoft would also use this as an opportunity to also help push the migration to "Windows Live" along.The old versions are no longer supported and will soon simply not work, if they haven't stopped working already. And particularly when it comes to free software and services, it just makes sense to support one and only one version of the software rather than trying to keep old versions working as well.You can IM through several different services via the Meebo website.(Caveat: while I've used both Trillian and Pidgin, I've not played with Meebo at all.old_msn=6 Leo didn't mention one VERY important thing from the beginning, which could have saved many of us so must frustration early on. I couldn't get on line to internet thru 8 and the qwest and they said to go to msn and it worked now I am told I have to upgrade or I will not be able to get my emails etc. hi wondering if u can help, im having too use my old pc atm, im unable too get live messenger too work so iv now managed too get msn 8.0 workin my problem is thou that iv lost sum of the contacts i added when i was using live msn, how do i get them back?For example, "WHAT IF I HAVE WINDOWS XP AND DOWNLOAD THE NEW MSN MESSENGER UPGRADE AND AFTER THAT A MESSAGE POPS UP STATING THAT MY OPERATING SYSTEM DOES NOT SUPPORT THE PROGRAMS INSTALLED" The first thing to do is go directly to the website and in their search box type in 7.0 messenger. It should work perfectly on most older XP Home Edition models if all else failed. cheers Hi Leo, You state that MS has addressed a serious vulnerability with the upgrade.

I did the upgrade, which I didn't want to but anyways, now I can't see any of my contact pictures when I view my contacts list. On the old version I could see everybody's pic when viewing my contact list. Leo, I not only upgraded the messenger but mail also. When I click on the icon, I am brought to the Windows Live login page, where my login name is set but I am asked for my password. Chose "Run this program in compatibility mode for" Windows 2000.

Further you note that you use Trillian, which I think has awesome capabilities.

My question is regarding whether or not Trillian has been safeguarded against the same vulnerabilities that MS 'fixed'. This is a fairly old article, so I'm sure that all have moved on past the vulnerabilities of the time.

Same idea: you install Pidgin and use it instead of Windows Live Messenger to communicate to the same buddies you had before.

A third and completely different alternative is to use a web based IM service such as Meebo.

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