Hannah beasley dating dating reality show auditions

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Hannah beasley dating

On the tapes, Hannah attends a party at Jessica's house and while hiding in Jessica's room, Hannah watches Bryce rape a drunk, unconscious Jessica, with Justin unable to stop him after Bryce kicks him out of the room.

Hannah is afraid to tell anyone and decides to leave.

Her school locker becomes a memorial adorned with students' letters and her pictures.

On his doorstep, Hannah's friend Clay Jensen finds a box containing seven audio cassette tapes, each containing a recording of Hannah narrating 13 reasons for her suicide.

Kat throws a going-away party at Hannah’s house so that Hannah can meet some new friends.They begin a relationship, but it is ended by a bad first kiss between the two.Justin does nothing to stop the spread of a rumor about the encounter.On the B-side of the first tape, Hannah talks about her friendship with Jessica Davis and Alex Standall, who later start dating and stop hanging out with Hannah.When Alex breaks up with Jessica, she blames Hannah for the breakup and while arguing, slaps her in public.

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Alex is the subject of the A-side of the second tape.

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