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The program captured the couple’s life with their adorable kids, Isabella and Dante, and their sessions in therapy after Danny had an affair.

It’s hard to know how much Reality Show Danny was reality and how much was show. He was alternately a super-fun dad and loving husband and a jealous, self-destructive maniac. I wasn’t trying to die.” IT WAS MID-AFTERNOON this January in Philadelphia, in the small apartment in Center City that Bonaduce spent the winter sharing with his girlfriend, Amy Railsback. ” Bonaduce said, and he hooked a metal exercise device over a door frame in the narrow hallway and started doing pull-ups.

The cameras followed him everywhere as he struggled with drugs and alcohol and tries to save his marriage to wife Gretchen.After the show ended in 1974, Bonaduce made numerous television guest appearances on Police Story, CHi Ps, Fantasy Island and Eight Is Enough among other programs.Like many child stars, Bonaduce had a hard time getting work and got into drugs and other sorts of trouble.In January 2007, Bonaduce returned to radio, joining the crew of The Adam Carolla Show on Los Angeles’ KLSX-FM.Gretchen Hillmer and Bonaduce divorced on April 9, 2007, citing irreconcilable differences.

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