Gothic industrial dating

Posted by / 29-Sep-2020 10:39

Gothic industrial dating

I happened to stumble onto your post when I was looking for a place to chill, just my luck I suppose. I am infactuated with Trent Reznor, love skinny puppy, Velvet Acid Crist, Ministry- just to name a few.

I have been looking to meet someone with similar intrests, hoping to widen my horizons- so to speak.

im from south beach and im looking forward to meet somebody that i can talk to and have fun..into the old goth anymore still love morbid angel never though anybody will listen to them besides me..420 big time i smoke pretty much everyday....cuban im into industrial all the way from wumpscut to skinny puppy ,funkervogt,anything with a hard and dark beat... I am 17 years old, i am moving to florida next week, around Cape Canveral area.

Best regards, Igor catering to Kindred Spirits of all flavors. I got to talk to many different people and make some friendships.

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URS TRULY STEELER FAN [ Post a Reply to This Message ] what up my name is tweak from west palm beach.i love music, and pissing little prepie fags off.

i do tattooes and piercings professionallyout of my house. im just lookin for someone to chill with maby creat a wiccan circle with, start a band with, or other interesting you are interested in talking just email me please.

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