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George williams dating scammer

Then he told me he loved me, and his conversations became romantic. I asked "John" why the UN didn't use their own email provider, and I told him that it was a scam. The following week, his base had come under attack, and he would have to evacuate his 200 men and move north, into Turkey.

He asked me to apply for his vacation through the UN. Once in Turkey, "John" released his men and let them go wherever they could.

"We've even seen where the criminals said that the Army won't allow the Soldier to access their personal bank accounts or credit cards," he added.

They use the same email address for correspondence with victims and for putting up their real profiles on social networks.

"John" was in some sort of hideout and about to starve to death. All he needed to do was contact the Turkish government and they would get him back to his unit in Syria.

Along with the romance-type scams, CID has been receiving other complaints from people worldwide who were scam victims -- once again where a cyber-crook was impersonating a U. After sending bogus information regarding the vehicle, the seller requests the buyer do a wire transfer to a third party to complete the purchase.

There was so much by this time that didn't match up that I finally told him that I knew he was not General Campbell, but I didn't care who he was.

It was the person typing the letters onto my monitor that I had "fallen in love with," and I didn't care if he was a Saint Bernard – I wanted to know who he was, or I was GONE! Over the past four months, I have amassed quite a collection of his photographs being used by this character.

I did a search for information on the man, and much of the information he gave matched what the military website said; but he also told me that he was divorced and that he had a son named Jamie, age 16, in school in Italy.

After perhaps a week or two, said that he was not in the States but was in Syria.

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