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Free sexy gamber video chat

The character designs were toned down to reflect better on screen compared to the actual manga.

However, the crazy psychopathic facial expression of each characters and the shrills that captures every thrills really hammers down the central slogan of "Let's Gamble." Hands down, the show has great camera working, much like Edgar Wright with its cut scenes that adds a lot to the plot.

If you are into gambling and you love psychopaths yet cute characters then this anime is for you! It's your run-of-the-mill high-school anime where the MC wants to throw a wrench at the flawed school council system. Here's a fun fact, they are all cheaters, except the MC of course.

Although the start of the show was amazing, mid-way the story takes a huge nose dive of boredom and it barely comes back up with the anime having an original ending instead of staying true to the manga.Moreover, what really accentuates the characters in this show are the voice actors.The voice actor for Yumeko, played by Saori Hayami, just steals the show.While watching initial episodes I thought that this anime was too simple and easy. My view changed from 6th episode and now after watching 11th episode, I thought I did a criminal act for belittling this anime as an atonement I am writing this review. Fanservice, zany characters, over the top emotional delivery, and bizarre plot concepts—just to name a few.Sure, generalizing like this is unfair to a lot of the shows that break the mold, but by and large, the seasonal crap forced down our throat every year is usually just the same alphabet soup with a different name on the can. It has all of these stupid tropes in abundance, and hardly anything else.

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The members of the student council, despite being one-dimensional, are all unique from one another as seen through their gambling personality and the type of games they like to play.

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