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The rest of the lounge area was carpeted floor with tables and chairs.In the back corner of the lounge, in front of the bar, was an elevated area with a railing along the front, and this area had several more tables in it.

We made note of the fact that the bathrooms were just outside the lounge in the lobby of the hotel.We decided to try the hotel lounge of a hotel near the airport, on a weekday, when there would be a good likelihood of many traveling businessmen being in the bar.We didn't want a regular bar where there was likely to be a bunch of rednecks of all ages there.I figured I would blend in as a businessman relaxing after a hard day of sales/negotiations business.I was going to call my wife and let her know when there were at least 10 men, (not counting me), in the bar. I had no idea what she was going to be wearing, (she said she wanted to surprise me as much as everyone else).

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We hoped that some time during the night that Brandie could maneuver her pick up into this area.

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