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WIA If you are are filming with partner consent why would the cameras need to be hidden?I just use my laptop webcam, that way the girl and I can both look over and see our image on the screen while we bone; adds to the fun.Tape her at the door, on the couch, in the bathroom, in the bed.Then keep the tape running until the encounter is over.What sort of camera would you suggest setting up to record things in the bedroom?I've tried looking around a bit and it's hard to find one that has...You and I will look great on film, I'm sure." Not only do you gain consent but you get their best performance because they know they are being recorded and every modern day woman is a closet porn star nowadays.

It's their way of confirming they have power over us with their sexuality. Barbarian Brad: Joined a month ago, free membership, has made only one previous post before beginning his own thread, has only liked one post ever, second post is his own thread insinuating illegal video recording of sex partners. Real players tell girls"I would love to have our interaction recorded for prosperity, after all I like porn I just don't like watching other people in pornos.

- high quality video - simultaneous audio recording (important to hear the "yes, yes, YESSSS!!

" being screamed) - motion recording or the ability to be turned on covertly or from a distance...

Tried doing a search on this and didn't see a thread...

If I wanted to set up a camera in my bedroom to make sure that I had video & audio evidence that all sexual encounters had full enthusiastic affirmative consent - with my partners knowledge they were being filmed, of course...

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Called him the biggest idiot in the place and hung up. Unfortunately politicians are whipping up a moral panic about campus rape, and things will probably only get worse as the presidential election gets closer. Not only can they save you from false rape accusations, they can also save you from false DV charges, and help keep an eye on your place.

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