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You still love her, you still want to be around her all the time, you still think she’s the fucking best. I agree wholeheartedly with Dannielle — and I also think it really commendable that you know yourself enough to know what you need.

I was not nearly so aware on the first few go-rounds with my girlfriends…

I hooked up with someone I was casual friends with for the first time just over a week ago, and it was like something clicked.

We've been hanging out and/or talking every day and it's just so easy and wonderful and makes me really happy.

An elderly Michigan man was murdered by a trio of thugs as a result of a Grindr hookup gone terribly wrong.Now, “quickly” is a relative term (as is “lesbians” wheee), so I can’t really place a judgement on the entire PRACTICE of U-Hauling (and like, let’s be clear, we could probably all have a nice sit-down chat about the roots and usage of the phrase and get a good rousing back and forth going on our related feelings, but for now ADVICE). Applying this to your current situation, you can just sit down on a comfy couch with girl-you-adore and be like *kissing noises* MMMMMM I love girl-you-adore! In fact, you moving in so quickly makes me feel like you’re panicked that it might slip away…What I can say to you, Anon, is that ONE WEEK IS TOO FAST FOR GOD’S SAKE. and I can’t say this strongly enough: moving in together does not mean you are securing a forever.You have to be on the same page and she has to be down with it.There is no way I could live with someone right now.

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