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Estella warren dating peter berg

Jaime said the bag was her assistant’s, who later noticed it was missing.Jaime used the “find my i Phone” app to trace her assistant’s i Phone to club Bootsy Bellows, where she noticed that Estella was conveniently holding an i Phone.There have been countless stories about people getting their i Phones stolen and then finding and confronting the idiots who don’t know this app exists.(Or who have no clue about i Cloud.) Here’s another story along those lines with some semi-famous names attached.She is a three-time Canadian national champion, and the solo bronze medalist at the 1995 Junior World Championships.

The feisty My Name Is Earl star was at a birthday bash for her publicist Gary Mantoosh at a private house in Los Angeles when her assistant’s handbag containing her i Phone went missing.

The app will also tell you where your device is on a map, down to the address.

I have an i Pad 1 and 2, and an i Pod touch, I’m not rolling in them, but they get misplaced sometimes and it’s easy to send them a signal that will help you fish them out of the couch or from under the car seat.

Her story went beyond the standard celebrity DUI since got in a huge altercation with police, kicking a cop and escaping from custody before being caught again.

So she’s not known for her sobriety, and neither is the other person in this story, TV actress Jaime Pressly.

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“However everyone was getting on and having a good time.” That was until the bag disappeared.

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