Elucidating the pathway for arsenic methylation

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An association between lung cancer and occupational exposure to inorganic arsenic has been confirmed in several epidemiologic studies [Enterline et al.

In the United States, excess cancer mortality associated with arsenic is not generally seen [Schoen et al. Unlike other arsenicals, arsine gas causes a hemolytic syndrome.

There is suggestive [NRC 2000] or reasonably strong [IARC 2004] strength of association between chronic arsenic exposure and diabetes mellitus [NRC 2000; IARC 2004].

There is limited evidence of a diabetogenic effect from long-term arsenic exposure [Tseng et al.

The risks may be reduced by lifestyle changes, and inefficient biochemical processes can be supported by diet and nutritional supplements to maximize the functions of metabolic pathways.

Identifying SNPs that may influence health and risk for diseases facilitates clinical support for patients.

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