Elementals dating directory

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But if you know one of these elementals, you may get a lot of distrustful looks, receive a lot of brushoffs, and eventually go elsewhere to find a partner who is more willing to trust.

Elementals have a huge distrust of humans after thousands of years of feeling helpless and watching humans hurt the planet and other creatures.

they can tend to be selfish sometimes, wanting things their way, and are maybe not good at compromise.

They can be seen as insensitive if they do not go to any effort.

, like in a fairytale except it happens for reasons of teaching humanity.

Just as we have seen with Incarnated Angels and Starseeds, this group of people called Incarnated Elementals bring with them the characteristics of their Earth Realm.

They tend to be connected to something higher and spiritual, and do not loose that connection after birth into the human world.

When single, they can be known for enjoying many partners or being promiscuous.

Unlike humans who are overly serious, elementals haven't lost their way and are linked to their true nature. They are prone to party a lot, even partying into old age, and may seem like they never really grow up.So when an elemental incarnates, they are evolved and serious about their mission, which is usually to help nature and the planet in some important way.Now that you know about elementals, how can you recognise if you are one, or someone you know? The following is a list of the most common elemental traits: , protective of nature, an anger at anyone who harms the natural world (yes that includes litterbugs).If you are not familiar with them, it can take a little while to get the hang of the elemental folk.Overall, they are passionate and deep, often very charming and disarming to us lesser beings; they are also romantic.

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they are rebellious by nature and will do their own thing.

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