Dustin milligan dating shenae grimes

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Dustin milligan dating shenae grimes

Annie meets Naomi Clark, Ethan's current girlfriend.Later on Naomi introduces Ethan and Annie to each other and they explain they had met already , but don't talk about the kiss. Why is it that they always find love with their costars (see The O. The latest item is Jessica Stroup and Dustin Milligan of 90210. The two were seen together in front of Stroup's home after reportedly spending the evening together.Dixon gets angry with Ethan for lying about lacrosse and sends a text to Naomi that Ethan is cheating on her.Annie tells Dixon that Ethan had told the truth and was back on the team and Dixon admits he sent the text about Ethan cheating to Naomi.Ethan walks up the driveway holding a stuffed animal and sees that they are kissing and so he leaves.We're Not in Kansas Anymore - Annie moves to Beverly Hills to be with her Grand Mother who is ill.

Later Annie and Silver go to the beach and Annie sees Ethan and says shes sorry for telling Naomi.Later, Harry and Debbie discuss how everyone is so busy lately and that they should have a family "fun night." They tell the kids they're all going bowling at Lucky Strike on Friday night. She explains it's family "fun night." He tells her it's social suicide to go to Lucky Strike with her family.Ty walks up and says he's disappointed she has to cancel. Ethan arrives with the guys at the lucky strike but Dixon tells them he can't leave just yet.Annie argues with Ethan because of his lying, and asks what happened to the Ethan that she met two years ago.Annie tells Dixon that Ethan was cheating on Naomi.

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Ethan and Naomi officaly break up when he finds out Naomi kissed George for revenge on Ethan.

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