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But Drupal 8 is actually a really good choice for those who build decoupled architectures using JSON: API, or Graph QL, or whatever other fancy decoupled framework and need a reliable content backend.To be honest, though, it seems that those who do 'decoupled' with Drupal are often people who started with Drupal (or something like it, and then get the decoupled game. Drupal is a hard sell if you have a team of non-PHP developers (whether they do Node, Ruby, Python, Go, or whatever) and are looking into decoupled or otherwise buzzwordy architectures.

In the past many of these things were kind of papered over by Drupal's simple-but-good-enough menu system, but now you have to be more don't always cut it anymore.

Others chose more familiar pastures and either moved on to some other PHP-based CMS or switched to some other ecosystem.

I don't blame them, not at all; it's a tough decision you have to make to balance your career desires and opportunities, and everyone has to make their own decision.

I've spilled enough ink on these pages over the years over Composer and Drupal 8 (2019, 2018, 2018-2, 2017, 2017-2, 2017-3, etc.), and most of my older postings still highlight current problems in using Drupal and Composer together.

There's a massive initiative to make things better: [META] Improve Drupal's use of Composer.

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(Previously know as "Global Sprint Weekend") Small local contribution events everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during from (Friday) January 25 to (Sunday) 27 2019.

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