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You help yourself by transforming yourself into something better: a more socially skilled, spiritually enriched, financially successful, or sexually satisfied person.Self-help books, DVDs, and training programs promise to assist their readers, viewers and clients in effecting a transformation of the self; and they usually suggest—at least initially, on the marketing level—that this transformation will be spectacular, extensive and relatively abrupt.This work ethic—instrumental to what Weber calls “the spirit of capitalism”—is rooted in a secularized and inner-worldly expression of asceticism.This ascetic work ethic drives the hedonism of the Seduction Community and vice versa.As Eva Illouz points out, the importance of self-help literature is its role “in providing a vocabulary for the self and in guiding the perceptions of one’s social relations…” (Illouz 2008, 53) The basic idea here is that self-help can and frequently does change people and social groups by altering the way they view themselves, society, and their place within it.Self-help can thus exert a socio-cultural influence irrespective of whether or not it actually changes people in the way it initially promised them; that is, irrespective of whether it actually helps self-helpers to become happy or successful.

Along the road to change, small groups of dedicated self-helpers may partially or completely reinterpret what it means to be “helped,” as they partly or completely distance themselves from their initial search for quick fixes to particular personal challenges and begin to see their disciplined quest for self-improvement as constituting a goal in itself.____________________ Introduction In the early twenty-first century, the international self-help movement seems more wide-reaching than ever before.The self-help movie The Secret reached millions of people, first through the cinema and then through a globally-distributed DVD.The gurus furthermore advocate values, lifestyles and worldviews that they consider useful when it comes to transforming oneself into an enormously attractive and seductive individual: a womanizer, a “pickup artist,” a master of the “Venusian arts.” At first the Seduction Community appears to be a purely hedonistic movement in which all moral considerations are set aside.The direct goal seems quite clear: sexual intercourse with a large number of attractive women.

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