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If she had a sister, our guess is that she’d also be in showbiz!

Keira’s best friend is fellow model/actress Sienna Miller, though The Telegraph reports that she ‘does not feel the need to befriend [celebrities]’.

After that, roles in the likes of Once Upon a Time, The Fall, and Fifty Shades of Grey made him a household name.

And while both stars are now happily married to other people (both with young daughters), we can't help wondering what would have happened if this power couple had gone the distance.

All of their worlds collide on Friday the 13th and tragedy follows.Instead, Henry (Brenton Thwaites) and Jack try to find the trident of Poseidon, which would end Will's curse all while Jack is being hunted by an undead sea captain named Salazar (Javier Bardem).Stunning actress Keira Knightley prefers to stay out of the spotlight when not onscreen, so it can be hard to stay up to date with her movements.This 2011 drama follows the life of a young doctor played by Bloom, who goes to unthinkable extremes to keep a female patient with a kidney disorder that he likes in the hospital under his care. When Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and company find themselves in a war against different foes, in order to keep the Lonely Mountain from falling into the wrong hands, Legolas (Bloom) is one of the elves that rises to the occasion to help save everyone during the war.In the process he finds himself and proves he can be victorious with or without his father's guidance and support.

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Warriors from both side, played by Brad Pitt and Eric Bana must rise up to not only save Paris' love but save their people from a bloody demise.

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