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I fought for you to break the top 10 Ed, I really did. - stands proudly on its own as a fully bloomed LP, complete with a blend of tracks that feels cohesive but not monotonous.Kehlani’s self-awareness gives an insight into the complexities of her experiences with love, making for a compelling and relatable listen.From self-assured tracks such as ‘Distraction’ and ‘CRZY’ to vulnerable and soft songs ‘Everything Is Yours’ and ‘Hold Me By The Heart’, The pop punk legends came of age on their seventh album, their first under new label Fueled By Ramen and, arguably, their most experimental record to date.Clearly emboldened by the arena-level success of previous release , Alex Gaskarth and co finally found the confidence to move into new musical territories away from their core scene, from the moody electronica of ‘Dirty Laundry’ to the bouncy indie riffs of ‘Nice2Kno U’.The album peaks with ‘Drugs’ (a haunting bop of a track which feels both earnestly romantic and kickass) and ‘Lipgloss’ (a liberating track with a smooth and sweet hook contrasted against Cupcak Ke’s sour-as-fuck lyrics).Halsey Shakespeare, the first female artist to land a #1 on Billboard's album chart in 2017, came in CLUTCH with the bops AND the aesthetics once again and has truly established herself as an album artist.

Either way, it’s fucking brilliant and dare I say it, the BEST One Direction solo album so far. Supposedly crafted within two weeks, it’s hard to believe such a consistently good mixtape (yeah, we’re including mixtapes, get over it!is the perfect mix of early ‘00s inspired Pop/Rn B bangers and ballads alongside those signature melancholic Halsey bops whose lyrics seem to give you life whether you asked for it or not. It should have, in theory, been released as a complete visual album.The concept was strong and the Baz Luhrmann-inspired ‘Now Or Never’ video was a tiny glimpse into a much larger narrative that was implied throughout the tracks on the album. Wig flew the second ’Alone' blasted through my headphones but credit needs to be given to ‘Sorry’, a vulnerable, relatable AF raw piano ballad that shows us a side to Halsey that we haven’t yet seen.But she hopped on tour before she had the chance to give us the goods… And even though ‘Walls Could Talk’ is tragically 2 minutes too short than what it should be, , SZA talks sex, fidelity, exes, and the existential complexities of being a woman in her 20s.She is smart, confident, and purely in “control” on this album, sharing her intensely personal experiences with modern romance.

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‘Break My Heart’, ‘Guys My Age’, ‘Hoodie’ and ‘Fuqboi’ read like lyrical diary entries, instantly relatable to Tumblr teenagers and nostalgic millennials alike.

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