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Dendro dating

If the wood is fragile, a thicker slice can be taken, so there is no danger of the material falling apart.It is not a problem that the disc breaks - the parts can usually still be used.It is not the wood / timber dimensions, but the number of growth rings in each sample, which is crucial for successful dating.The best chance for a good result is obtained with samples of approx. The probability of dating samples with less than 100 years decreases the fewer rings there are.When the disc is sawn, then look at the growth rings.The best dendro-sample is at the place where the tree has grown regular, without distortion.There must therefore be exercised great care in the selection of the sample, so that the outer rings of the tree are unharmed.Make sure the sample is taken at the place where there is sapwood and no knots.

For the entire period of a tree's life, a year-by-year record or ring pattern is formed that in some way reflects the climatic and environmental conditions in which the tree grew.

This method is of particular importance to our study of the human past, when analysing shipwrecks, barrels, painted panels and artistic or eccliastical sculpture, as these particular objects were widely transported and traded.

However, analysing the region of origin of timber from structures on land is also showing us the extent of traded timber through time.

If bark or bark edge is preserved on the sample or object, the dating for the felling of the tree is accurately dated.

As the tree-ring variation in the timber is a record of the climate affecting the tree in the region where the tree was growing, this information is also used by me to identify this region.

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It is best to take samples from waterlogged wood by cutting slices using a saw.

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