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Card 2: If 3 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Special, and Block.

If 1 or 2 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Beam, and Block. Card 3: If 3 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Special, and Block. (Normal) Easy Ticket: Increases energy gained from spirits.

Nankidai has requested people to refrain from sharing anything about the demo's content online. effective only when controlling Sara, or effective with either character).

A short demo for the upcoming Chapter 3, Part One was released at Comiket 96. Most partner bonuses are for when you're controlling that partner, so I only note when this is not the case (i.e.

Don't feel pressured to buy it; to my knowledge, Chapter 3, Part One will be released to the public as usual once fully complete. The demo is available to purchase from Dwango JP Store. Sara: At 2 health, memorizes the first 3 or 4 moves (3 for first two opponents, 4 for third). Kanna: Partial memorization - remembers the first couple moves, a random amount up to half of the total number. As either character, can touch icon to have her perfectly recall moves a single time.

An optional and easily-avoidable bad ending involving mindbreak. However, I will say that it is pretty short, though Nankidai intends to update it with more at a later date. If you're using a laptop touchpad or having trouble with rapid clicking, it's recommended you go into Options and enable Minigame Auto-Click, which modifies all minigames to remove most of the clicking.

Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- (Kimi ga Shine) is a freeware negotiation/horror/adventure game by Nankidai made in RPG Maker MV. When she comes to, she finds herself, her friend Joe, and 9 other people trapped in a mysterious place. (I'll also update this in accordance with any updates.) Touch the screen a few times. Check the gate, then the shadow that appears there after a few seconds. (Hard) Easy Ticket: Reveals moves from the 4th onward. Following that are 1 to 4 (increases each round) random moves. Check Q-taro, pick up the Tablet and Stun Gun, and check Q-taro again.

(Note: Nankidai has allowed this translation, but has asked it be stated as "unofficial" simply because they don't know English well enough to verify its accuracy.) WARNING: This game contains plenty of death and blood, and deals with heavy subject matter. Content Severity: Severe Click here for content warnings. The last two rounds are 6 purely-random directions separated by Body each time. (Note that you can get the same direction "twice in a row" here.) Because of this pattern, you only actually need to memorize the directions. Card 3: If 3 energy at this point, 50/50 between Beam and Special. The first opponent never picks an attack card for Cards 1/2, only Card 3. If 1 or 2 energy at this point, 60/20/20 between Beam, Charge, and Block. The second opponent always picks Charge as Card 1 and an attack as Card 2, so be sure to pick Block (or Special, if they won't reach 3 energy) as your second card. You can use it up to twice with only minor impact, but if you use it a third time, you get a bad ending. After unlocking the Medical Office and looking at Joe in the glass there (you're eventually forced to do so on Day 2, Noon), Safalin offers you use of a machine that resets the Hallucination Level to 0. In the Bar, move the rightmost stool and open the sliding door on the side of the counter. Keep talking to Mishima in the Bar to give him the Cigar, Cigar Cutter, and Lighter. Choose Threat and pick "coolly." Choose Inquire and ask about the kidnappers and why he was hiding. Choose Threat and pick "coolly." Choose Pacify and speak calmly. Take the left Light Bulb from the ceiling and place it in the ceiling hole on the right. Go to the Central Hall, then go to 2F Back Hallway and check the center door. Most of the purchases don't have a lasting impact on anything. Gin (since a necessary Q-taro trade and a necessary Gin trade overlap). The correct statements to object to are "everybody knows it," "saw it alone," "no good to suspect," "no difference," and "no relation." Talk to Gin. Talk to Keiji, and contrast Keiji and Sou's statements.

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In practice, you can only actually get enough for personal info on Nao, Q-taro, Reko, and Gin.

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