Dead sea scrolls dated carbon dating

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The Dead Sea Scrolls are noteworthy because they prove the integrity of the Hebrew Bible.

The Masoretic scribes who made the copies kept a remarkably accurate record.However, Israel was unwilling to risk international criticism, so the scholars continued to guard their “right” to the hoard of texts.It was not until 1991, when various pressures, and the publication of computer reconstructed photographic transcripts of the Scrolls, made the entire collection generally available.However, for the Bible-believer, we can say that the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls will give: Before the introduction of printing, some 500 years ago, scrolls and books had to be copied by hand.Scribes worked at this task from the earliest days.

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At the time of the discovery of the Scrolls the area was controlled by Jordan. Then the team divided the 500 different texts among themselves for publication – an act of enormous scholarly pride and greed, because this was far more work than anyone could possibly have completed in a lifetime.

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