Dating simulator walk through

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We’ve solved all the Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator Answers, Cheats and Solutions to bring you this full walkthrough game guide which will help you complete this fun word game created by Game Grumps.

You can download this game from the Steam Store for a small price.

In order to achieve the perfect date, the player has to pull out their moviest moves ever and we’ve got just the thing to help out.

Without giving any spoilers away regarding context, here are the dialogue options best suited to achieve that perfect score.

Sim Girl Cheat Codes: ------------ Submitted by: Haspa Extra money and high stats: --------------------------- Enter "testbug" as a name to get ,999 dollars and high stats.

Real ending: ------------ To get the real ending on the real game, enter 105783 as a password.

There are no choices that really matter prior to the first date.

First date: Go forth into darkness and enjoy all the snuggles. His romance is arguably the toughest simply because it has so many mini-games – even a Pokemon style showdown occurs in the battle of the spud.

Unlike the other dads, his first introduction (prior to the first date) requires some finesse. Without giving anything away, there is the “good” ending and the “bad” ending for this blonde bombshell.

Make sure to ask ALL of the questions though, that’s very important!

From there, these are the choices that are most recommended: Do NOT sleep with Robert when the prompt comes up if you decide in the beginning to go watch “The game”.

We’ve got you covered: Now go hug your bear of a partner and tell him you love him. The good news is that you really don’t have to worry about the bad ending because it’s not unlockable yet. First date: Joseph is also the only dad that come the third and final date, players can’t score more than an “A” rank, which is below the normal “S” rank perfection.

If you’re curious to see what the hell happened, you can watch the video right here to see what old Joseph is up to. I believe this has to do with the alternate ending, but all will be revealed soon!

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-Okay I gone here with “I’m just chilling”, but “Just working on my motorcycle” gets you few more replies -Whiskey, straight up -Whiskey hasnt failed me yet -You with the feds? -Yes -Push it -Tell him what he needs to hear We get emotional talks at 3rd date, kisses and hopes at epilogue.