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Dating shroud of turin

We should also not overlook the ingenuity of medieval artisans.

For example, Leonardo da Vinci was known for his detailed descriptions of anatomy and the mechanical structures that he engineered.

Physical Chemistry: It is also questionable why the blood stains have remained red so long after death.

This review depends heavily on two recent books, both of which argue for the authenticity of the Shroud.Is it a genuine burial cloth of some unknown person, or is it just an elaborate forgery?Is it possibly a by-product of naturally occurring chemical processes? Different groups have different stakes as to whether the Shroud is real.The first is Mark Antonacci’s 2015 book, Antonacci is a lawyer and founder and president of Test the Shroud Foundation.He is a leading expert on the Shroud of Turin and has spent 30 years studying it.

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Morphology: Several features of the man in the Shroud appear to be distorted, and he is unusually tall, compared to the average height of a first-century Jewish man.

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