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They know to the cent what each keyword bid is worth, they track and test everything.

There is a saying in marketing, " give the customer what he wants, then educate him to what he needs " My customer is someone who has financial problems, is short of money, and believes they require a short term payday loan .I promised a real life example so here it is PPC to CPA - Payday Loans Although I was using CPA offers for Payday loans, In my view I was in the debt market.I got into this market back in 2007 I used different CPA offers from different networks, often at the same time. 1 Repeat business - The customer who takes a payday loan, will in most cases want another one soon.Of Course I am biased, PPC Marketing and Adwords Consulting is what I do, but I believe that, if you have a marketing budget to work with, PPC is one of the only methods we have where we can determine the traffic we get, and where it goes.While I will be the first to admit SEO is a major part of marketing, and everyone should use it, I know from my own experiences that being at the mercy of the Google Algorithm is not a good way to build a long term business.

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Now let's take the product, **** Force Max for Men - Now think market It Is a Diet and Weight Loss Product It is aimed at Men Also by looking at landing pages for the product, I can see what the product owners are using to help make me sign up. Let me shout it out Using PPC to Send Traffic to CPA offers is NOT a viable long term profitable business.

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