Dating middle eastern women

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In eastern culture, parents are more involved in their child’s decision of marriage and their opinion can have an influence on their choice, whereas as in western culture, parents believe that their children are capable of making their own decisions.From this, we can deduce that eastern cultures are more collectivist and family oriented.Eastern culture vs western culture is rooted in this factor. Big romantic gestures, creating romantic scenes, saying “I love you” are typical of western culture.Eastern culture tends to be taciturn when it comes to expressing love because actions speak louder than words.Love for your parents, love for your children, love for your partner. Growing up in a country where oppressing women is common is what drives her to spread awareness about women’s rights.Having a conversation with her could be a bit challenging since she tends to use 4 languages in a single sentence.

The differences between the cultures are obvious and numerous.

Not only do they live in different places, but the mentality, education, behavior, values, and traditions are also contrasting.

All these elements play a big part in their attitude towards dating and marriage.

Back then, a couple was forced into getting married without having seen each other.

Although that is still practiced now, some adjustments have been made to it.

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Although many people outside of middle-east think of women there are always in hijab or Burka, but that’s certainly not true.