Dating light cords

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To understand the dual voltage available to homes (120/240), see Your system and Double circuit.A non-lighting item that, by its resistance, consumes electricity rather than just passing it on.

A short piece of wire within a box, going between two wirenuts or between two devices' terminals.Its handle is generally in one of three positions: on, tripped (the middle position), and off. A cable is a set of wires, usually encased in an outer protective sheath.A "cord" would be a cable by this definition so far, but a cable is part of a permanent installation; a cord is more flexible and often has a plug end for a portable appliance or lamp.Still, there is quite a variety in how people use terms, and even more variety between countries.If nothing else, the following definitions will at least let you see what I mean by them. Here then is a glossary of home electrical terms related to troubleshooting: 110 220 Appliance Arcing AFCI Breaker Busbar Cable Circuit Common Current Device Dimmer Electricity Fixture Fuse Fusebox Gang GFI/GFCI Ground Grd-fault Hot Jumper Junction Line/load Neutral Open Outlet Overload Panel Phantom Pigtail Recept.

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Since 1973 Code has required GFI protection for more and more receptacle locations in homes.